As a Nimble Connect client, you have access to all the communication tools in our platform. Our custom campaigns will fit neatly with all of the diverse programs, operations and events that need you donor’s, volunteer or staff’s attention:


Text marketing lets you reach all of your staff, hundreds of volunteers or thousands of donors instantly. Bulk text communication can be used as event reminders, volunteer opportunities or to ask for support during emergencies. Let Nimble Connect help you think through your communication strategies to assure you’re meeting your goals.

Imagine: [Your organization] Alert: we are in dire need of supplies as the adverse weather closes in
Imaging: [Your organization] Update: Just a friendly reminder to our past golfers, the tournament is right around the corner. Only 7 spaces left.

Cloud Calling:

Nimble Connect Cloud calling allows you, your staff, volunteers and board members to call any list, from anywhere – even from the comfort of their own home. Don’t worry – the recipient’s caller ID will show that the call is coming from your organization. Our dialer will allow each agent to connect with up to 50 folks each hour. No messy spreadsheets and no privacy concerns to worry about. The agent only sees one name and one phone number at any given time.

Imagine: Thank every donor with a live, relationship-building call within days of receiving their donation
Imagine: Provide a personal invitation to come to a media event to show support for your organization’s new capital project.

Voice Broadcast:

If you have a timely message you need to get out quickly, a voice broadcast is one way to go. Nimble Connect will put your message, your voice, your timing, with your caller ID to work in as little as two hoursafter getting your list.

Imagine: If you are not able to thank your donors with a LIVE conversation after 3 attempts in the Nimble
Imagine: Get feedback from attendees of your latest event through voice conversation

Outbound IVR:

This is voice broadcast with a powerful twist. IVR (Interactive voice response) enables non-profits to interact with their donors using touch tone response, donor messaging capabilities and/or call forwarding.

Imagine: A marketing test message with the following – “This is Joanne Smith, president and founder of [your organizations] calling to thank you for your generous support in 2016. I wanted to let you know that we take your trust very seriously. As such I’ve instructed my team to send a 2016 annual reports to donors, like you. Simply press 1 at any time if you’d like to receive our annual report be mail. Press 2 at any time to decline the report.
Thank you again for helping to [insert organization’s function here].”

Imagine: A thank you IVR call that offers the donor the opportunity to provide a word of encouragement for your organization’s staff or to the recipient of your services. Nimble connect would then provide a convenientdigital catalogue of the recording for your review and use.