Have you ever said something nice to someone and regretted it? Probably not.” 

-Penelope Burk

As a fundraiser, you know that personal contact with donors is a good thing. So why is it so difficult to call and provide a simple “Thank You”? There are a number of reasons you may be thinking right now. Here are some of the more common excuses that Nimble Connect solves:

      • “Not enough staff hours to call everyone ourselves”
      • “It’s too costly”
      • “The logistics of a “Thank-a-thon” are too daunting”
      • “This is just one more idea we don’t have time for”

Click here for objections to communicating personally with donors.

The Challenge:

For decades, non-profits have struggled with the inability to optimize the donor experience using true 1-to-1 voice communication with each of their donors. Veteran development professionals know that making timely and meaningful voice-to-voice personal connections is key to unlocking greater donor retention and increased giving. Even though research has shown donor value increases of 40%+, the logistics and up-front costs of such intensive daily donor stewardship have proven to be too daunting for most organizations.

Current half-solution:

In an effort to “personally connect” with their valued donors, some non-profits have hired call-centers to demonstrate appreciation for the gifts they’ve made. The problems they have found with this approach are:

  • The callers are paid employees, likely from out-of-state, and have never been on-site or felt the first-hand impact of the work being done there.
  • File minimums are in the thousands, only allowing donor thank you calls to take place once or twice each year. A too little, too late approach that misses the best-practice strategy of timely donor communication.
  • Costs approaching $2-3/connection force tough decisions about what donors are important enough to get a call.


Nimble Connect’s Solution:

For the first time Nimble Connect’s Cloud Calling/Messaging solution provides non-profits an incredibly cost-effective and timely means of making a meaningful voice connection with donors.  At cost of pennies/connection, the Nimble Connect Solution enable organizations in two different ways – using your callers or ours. With may organizations, dedicated volunteers are a plentiful resources. With a shared heart for the organization, a volunteers’ connection with sincere message of appreciation is priceless. With Nimble Connect, that connection is as simple as three clicks of a mouse from the comfort of their own home. No dialing and no travel. And, with the cloud calling platform, there is no risk of compromising donor’s personal information. If you just want to get the job done, our Flex Ambassadors can make the calls for you at an incredibly competitive rate.

The need to maximize donor file retention and value is a top priority for non-profits plagued with increasing acquisition costs. Nimble Connect fits neatly in any overall development strategy where mass fundraising is employed.  Connecting with each donor in a timely, personal and meaningful way is simply the right thing to do.

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