About Nimble Connect

US donors give to over five charities each year! Becoming the donor’s favorite is essential as fundraising costs skyrocket. Nimble Connect was created expressly to strengthen the relationships between donors and the non-profits that depend on them. We foster strong donor relationships  through relevant, timely, heartfelt and personal communication.

Ultimately, we aim to make your organization favored among all other charities that your donor considers. 

Be your donor’s favorite charity with Nimble Connect:

  • You’ll connect with donors at a personal level, with a real conversation, promoting a trust that “non-favorite” organizations can’t match.
  • Donors know that their gift matters when they get a live “Thank You” call within days of receiving the gift- NOT weeks or months.
  • Connect with ALL donors, not just a segment. They are all valuable.
  • No file minimums mean niche targeting lets donors feel special and appreciated.
  • Nimble means we can move quickly – allowing relevant donor communication when it matters.
  • Nimble campaigns require very little your staff’s hours (<1 hour/week)

Our vision of your success:

  • Your organization does the right thing by honoring your donors the way they deserve
  • Increased fundraising dollars.
  • A 30-40% increase in retention rates
  • A reputation of caring about donors
  • Long-term growth of donor commitments

Now you know a little bit about us, we encourage you to give us a call right to find out how we can bring value to your development efforts.

Phone: 401-NIMBLE-1 [401-646-2531] OR CLICK HERE to download our V-Card. We’d love to talk with you about how Nimble Connect will help you engage with your donors and volunteers in a meaningful way.